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Core packages

AI Powered Marketing Analysis Tool

  • Revolutionize Your Market Insights
  • Analyze Market Size, Competitors, and Trends with AI Precision
  • Systematic Analysis Based on Internet Data
  • Instant Results in Seconds
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Reveal Hidden Insights with Deep AI Exploration

  • Extract User Feedback and Pain Points
  • Evaluate and Forecast Market Size
  • Analyze Export Data of Competitors
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AI Business Plan Generator

  • AI-Assisted Market and Competitor Analysis, Tailored Business Description for Swift Creation of Accurate, High-Quality Business Plans
  • Selection of Elegant Templates and Covers for Business Plans
  • Expert Team Offering Professional bespoke Services
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AI-Powered Business Tool Leading the Market


of customers reported saving 95% of their time using the AI Smarties Business Analysis tool.


of clients reported increased revenue after working with AI-Smarties.


saved annually by AI-Smarties clients through effective AI business tools and strategic analysis.


of clients satisfaction rate with AI-Smarties' tool and strategic consulting services.

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